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"I recently started going to Dr. Howes. I have a little phobia concerning dental work. Dr. Howes was so kind to me and incredibly gentle. He understood my fear and he took his time to make sure I was OK during the entire treatment. I am so excited about my new dentist!"

"Dr. Howes goes over and beyond in giving his services and time to people and charitable organizations who are in need of dental work."

"Jason has moral integrity, is trustworthy, and is faithful and an honest man. A true honest person."

"He is a hard working man who is dedicated to giving the best care possible to his patients."

"Dr. Howes takes great care of me and charges fair prices."

"He works hard but he has fun. He goes the extra mile to help his patients in need. He is a man who chooses what is morally right over what is financially expedient."

"Who could ask for more? He is a great dentist with a great team!."